Enjoy Some Tranquility At-Home

Send the gift of love to someone that deserves some pampering time. It's a perfect surprise delivered right to their door! Let's take care of the ones that are taking care of everyone else. 

Pampering essentials that is perfect for self care time.

Unwrap Your Pampering Oasis

Each box contains... An all natural lavender petal bath bomb enriched with lavender essential oil to calm and relax the stress away.

Acai & blueberry body lotion that hydrates naturally delivering antioxidants with blueberry extract that moisturizes and heals to brighten and protect. A knit hair tie to gently hold back hair without any breakage and 

Chocolates to soothe the soul!


Customize the pampering experience...

Shampoo & Conditioner Choices

  • Trinity is best suited for fine, thin hair or hair with breakage. Amaranth protein strengthens and protects to give hair the muscle it needs.

  • Bassu is best suited for normal to dry hair types. bassu oil fortified with vitamins a,c, e, and anti-aging properties.

 next choose between either a microfiber towel hair wrap or a satin pillowcase.

  • A microfiber towel is a gentler dry with less pull which will give the hair more shine and smoothness, less breakage, and drys the hair up to 30% faster! Great for curly hair ladies!

  • satin pillowcases are great for silky healthier hair. With less pull than cotton you can extend your style with less thermal damage and less wrinkles on the face!

To place your order please fill out the form. Once your details have been submitted an invoice will be emailed to you to finalize your purchase.  A confirmation email will be sent once your order has been delivered. Tranquility boxes start at $40.  An additional $10 shipping fee will be added to all orders shipped outside the tolland county. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to delucoshairdesign@gmail.com. 

Customize your pampering experience

Customize your box


Thank you so much for your order! Can't wait to deliver your special surprise!

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